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What are Prepaid Funeral plans?

It is a guaranteed way to beat rising Funeral Costs whenever needed in the Future.

It will be years before I need a funeral - why should I plan now?

Two things are guaranteed in life - you will need some form of a funeral one day, and it's getting more costly each year. So even if you don't need to plan it now - it makes sense to fix its cost by paying for it now.

What if I die away from home or on holiday?

You should always ensure that your travel policy includes full repatriation cover in the event of death.

What happens if I die before I complete the instalment payments?

Your funeral will be arranged in accordance with your Plan. Any outstanding balance will be paid by your executors or from your estate.

Will there be any further cost for my executors?

Once paid for, the services detailed in your Plan are guaranteed to be covered. Your executors may wish to pay for additional services at the time of the funeral.

What if my circumstances change?

You shouldn't worry about taking the decision to make your plans now, we know that circumstances change with the years and the plans are transferable anywhere in the UK should you move house.

What if I want a Burial?

Whether you choose a burial or a cremation, your Funeral Director will make all the arrangements on your behalf. The plans cover a cremation funeral but a burial can also be arranged, but other costs may them be payable. The Funeral Directors will also give you advice on memorials and any local regulations you should know about.

Are funeral Plans regulated by the Financial Services Authority?

CLICK HERE for FSA information on buying a Funeral Plan.

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Funeral Plans are an unregulated product.

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